Natural Language Understanding Systems do not have to be in the cloud

Well this is a nice find. One of the best NLUs out there does NOT run in the cloud. They're quite pleased with this, because there is no need to expose your data to the liabilities of trusting cloud services.

It achieves comparable outcomes than Alexa or Siri, while running fully on device, and without access to the vast amount of training data others have. Hopefully this starts to show that AI performance and Privacy can co-exist, and hence should be the default.

via Benchmarking Natural Language Understanding Systems.

By the way, Snips, I'm delighted to see that you intend to Open Source your code at some point in the future. I hope I'm still digging in to this stuff when you do, because your approach looks really good and I'd like to know more about how it works.

Posted in Neural Nets and AI Stuff on Jul 14, 2017