• Well this idea went from obscure to mainstream fast

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    via A quantum revolution against Feynman diagrams | Ars Technica.

  • Lions do not fight mosquitos

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    They don't.

  • These two GIFs make me happy and fall in love with math

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  • How to backup your iPhone if your screen is not working

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    Very cool that this worked, so I figured I'd share online in case it happens to you. The screen went bad on my iPhone 5, so I couldn't tell the iPhone to trust iTunes in order to make a backup. It kept prompting me to enter a passcode which I couldn't enter.

    Hold your power and home buttons down for 10 seconds. The phone will restart. Keep holding both buttons until the phone comes back on. Release the power button but keep holding home for a while. Release the home button.

    Using CopyTrans Shelbee, start your backup. I got the idea from a Dr. Fone instructions, but it worked for the free backu...

  • What Kind of Group Work Encourages the Most Original Thinking?

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    what we discovered was great originality comes from being quick to start but slow to finish. That when you dive right into a task, you close yourself off to incubation. If you finish early, you're stuck only with your most conventional ideas, your first ones. You never have time to think outside the box.You also tend to think much more in linear, structured ways, as opposed to making these random connections and unexpected leaps that you do when you’re putting off the completion of a task.

    via What Kind of Group Work Encourages the Most Original Thinking? | MindShift | KQED News.

  • I'm right you're wrong OR I'm wrong you're right

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    When a child is young and does not know much in the way of the world, he must engage on the assumption that he is wrong and the world is correct. Evolution has provided significant reinforcement of this approach. For example, assuming the other way around, that he is right and the world is wrong proves fatal pretty rapidly in many cases. In other words, a child must learn to be shaped by the world before he learns to shape it.

    At some point in the journey, a child learns enough about how the world operates to begin shaping it, and, given opportunity, will invariably begin to shape the world in...

  • DMCA and the Internet of Things - Schneier on Security

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    "In theory, the Internet of Things promises to make your life easier and your work more efficient, ... saving you time, money, and energy... except when the companies that make these connected objects act in a way that runs counter to the consumer's best interests -- as the technology company Philips did recently with its smart ambient-lighting system, Hue, which consists of a central controller that can remotely communicate with light bulbs. In mid-December, the company pushed out a software update that made the system incompatible with some other manufacturers' light bulbs, including bulbs t...

  • Articles: The Quiet Revolution: How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party

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    Gramsci argued that communists’ route to taking power in developed, industrialized societies such as Europe and the United States would be best achieved through a “long march through the institutions.” This would be a gradual process of radicalization of the cultural institutions -- “the superstructure” -- of bourgeois society, a process that would in turn transform the values and morals of society. Gramsci believed that as society’s morals were softened, its political and...

  • The declining half life of secrets

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    If I had time I'd write a book on this immediately and expect it would sell well -- there is a hungry audience for this kind of analysis. Bruce Schneier linked to this, and I find it fascinating. It's a powerpoint, so to make it easy for you, I'm including a few screenshots below. The title is: "The Declining Half Life of Secrets." Here's a summary quote: "The decline of secrets is the rise of transparency."



    I like that it's obvious that refusing to hire someone who supports EFF is a bad...

  • Visual Studio breakpoints break in the wrong place

    Posted in Developing Software on Jul 05, 2015

    This is obscure, so I'm posting it here to save someone the few hours I just spent. I recently clicked "Tools/Options/Debugging/Require source files to exactly match the original version." A little later, without realizing it was related to this config change, I discovered my debugging cursor was moving through code in a strange manner.

    The highlight bar was wrong, it was stopping on lines with no code, and it even looped where there was no loop. It took me several hours to discover the cause: I was attaching to a running process, believing that the running process was actually using the same ...