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Thinking about a rare opposite of Schadenfreude which is neither Freudefreude nor Mudita but Schadenmitgefühl

Schadenfreude: it's not just for humans

The wild headline is intentional because the audience for this article will most likely arrive here by search engines, as people are trying to find "the opposite of schadenfreude," but not the obvious opposite. Of these visitors only a few will appreciate this little word adventure here,  […]

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Moving from binary to ternary is harder than from ternary to binary

Taking the Shortcut by W. H. Norton Moving from binary logic to ternary logic is harder than from ternary to binary. Today I suddenly realized this, and was delighted because it solves one of the deeper "why" questions on the prevalence of binary logic, which is everywhere, in everything  […]

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A binary mindset is actually a single-minded sort of thing

How binary looks like a unity It occurred to me the other day that one of the obstacles preventing people from understanding how binary logic penetrates into every aspect of their lives, and how this pervasiveness causes all kinds of problems they cannot see -- just like fish cannot "see"  […]

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You cannot step outside infinity to perform an operation on or within infinity

Okay, it's a pretty raw tangle of thought experiment, but here we go: You can't. There is no such thing as multiple infinities. Imagine if there were, all such multiple infinities would simply exist within a "larger" infinity that is ultimately singular. That ultimately singular one is the  […]

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Ternary entropy?

Need to think about this one for a while, I think the author is onto something, but I need to understand entropy a little better before I can assess this: When we're working with binary states entropy isn't a 1 or a 0. Its definition is instead related to the amount of information we can hold versus  […]

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