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Allow the Deep to Speak

This article is going to be stored in a database with a record ID of 281, which is a prime number, as soon as I click "Save." At the moment that I write these introductory words, it exists in an aether of nowhere. Neither here nor there. It has no record ID. It is thus a virtual weblog  […]

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A whole new way into heart meditation reveals... light... on Thanksgiving morning

A year of mindful[1] meditation Here it is early the morning of Thanksgiving 2023 and I just discovered a rather deep heartful meditation which took about a year to learn. The essential idea is quite simple and took only a few minutes to comprehend, but it took a year of preparation so that I could  […]

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Awaken the deep: insights from a meditative adventure on the nature of Speaking and Being

The Deep

First, a brief summary. This morning during meditation I was deep in my heart, listening, when I found myself arriving into a rare condition of clarity. It seemed to me as though I had entered a holy place within my soul, where the veil between heaven and earth is fading. My attention was in a  […]

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On the delightful coherence and simultaneous incoherence of epiphanies

Woke up early this morning and in the world between worlds where some of the best insights come into view, I discovered one of the greater epiphanies of my decades-long study of ternary logic, infinity, zero, and world peace. I was striding through the fields of pure light and clarity -- the miracle  […]

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