Mathy Stuff and Ternary Logic

A way of understanding true ternary logic which includes the continuum

Introducing true ternary Ternary logic is introduced at Wikipedia like this: In logic, a three-valued logic (also trinary logic, trivalent, ternary, or trilean, sometimes abbreviated 3VL) is any of several many-valued logic systems in which there are three truth values indicating true, false, and  […]

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Proof that one plus one equals three

Here is an intriguing proof that one plus one is equal to three. That is a statement which on the surface seems completely absurd, so let's start small and carefully establish the logical elements which comprise this proof. Each element will be seen to be logically sound in themselves. Then we'll  […]

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The binary perceptive lens is not for the purpose of dividing everything, but for the purpose of uniting everything

A recent essay where I invented the word trivulet as the name of the fundamental ternary logic element ended up becoming a fertile field for new insights. This is now the second post derived from ideas discovered while writing that one. While explaining how ternary logic is different from binary  […]

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On why to use "trivulet" instead of "trit" to describe computing with the fundamental ternary logic element

In the ongoing labor to develop an internally-coherent way of perceiving ternary logic -- and its most famous derivative, binary logic -- I have come to an understanding of how ternary logic is the proper logic of the continuum; not of particles, division, or separation. Particles, division, and  […]

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Upon realizing the Riemann Sphere theory I'm working on is gaining traction independently of me

In a brand new article published yesterday on Medium, Kasper Müller writes about The Riemann Sphere: A world where you can divide by zero in a manner which weaves in some insights that have been the endpoints of several private thought experiments. So as I'm reading the article, not only do I  […]

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Somewheres about 10,000 hours into solving the Riemann Hypothesis, one encounters Dante's lion, wolf, and leopard

Map of Mathematics

Introduction I'm not good at basic math. I struggle with many things which any decent mathematician aces early. For example, a few elements of calculus still remain over my head, although I have climbed the slopes of that mountain several times. Linear algebra is only just starting to make sense to  […]

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Upon realizing I independently discovered _another_ new theory in mathematics

A few months ago, I found that one of the more beautiful ideas I had been developing alone for several years had already been discovered by other mathematicians, who had published rigorous papers on the idea. While my own insights were not yet rigorous, they were developed well enough that I quickly  […]

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Upon realizing I independently discovered a new theory in mathematics

Wheel Theory illustration from Wikipedia

(Note: The two spherical illustrations from this weblog post are taken from a post which I wrote last year; compare with this illustration for Wheel Theory from Wikipedia) It's true that the original discovery by others goes back to 1999, and the first serious paper on this new branch of mathematics  […]

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I have discovered the joy of learning Arthur M. Young's remarkable insights. I have not read his books yet, but stumbled into his online writing recently, and realized quickly how he is a brilliant intuitive -- indeed he has an exceedingly rare way of seeing the world, with deep insights into the  […]

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Chomsky confirms an element of a developing theory on the ontology of mathematics

As you can see by this third post of the day on the same topic, I'm rather enjoying this interview: Noam Chomsky on Jung, Wittgenstein, and Gödel (Ask Me Anything), and this time I'm not nitpicking his answers, but I find him confirming a hunch I developed as a component of a larger theory on the  […]

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Another non-answer from Chomsky, this time on the hard problem of consciousness

I'm still digging this interview with Noam Chomsky, Noam Chomsky on Jung, Wittgenstein, and Gödel (Ask Me Anything), but this post is similar to another I made earlier today, wherein he gives a complete non-answer to a question for which I really think his answer would be particularly insightful.  […]

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All fractions are one fraction

I call my weblog "Rough Drafts" even though some of the entries are fairly well polished, published after weeks or even months of careful writing and editing before release. But in other entries, I write wild stream-of-consciousness gagompoofery like this. This one is so rough it's right  […]

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