On the rather curious "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process" and its long-lost page 25

Consider the following sentence without any context, except that it was written in 1983: "Then I found it necessary to delve into various sources for information concerning quantum mechanics in order to be able to describe the nature and functioning of human consciousness." Think about it  […]

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First qutrit teleportation! Complex high-dimensional quantum states go from zero to infinity in one nanosecond

I knew there was a link between pure logic and the real world, and I knew it was through a window we call infinity, but I had no idea that physical "teleportation" of quantum states would be where ternary logic touches the physical world. The first qutrit had a single digit beyond normal  […]

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For informational ontology instead of against digital ontology?

We must be careful that we do not mistake artifacts of the tools we use to investigate ontology with the ontology itself. For example, we all understand now how the Ptolemaic model of the universe was us projecting our egos outward on Nature and inventing epicycles to explain things so that we  […]

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Parableizer Engine coming together

When I was first thinking about artificial intelligence years ago, I came up with this idea I called Parableizer Engine. Lately I'm starting to see the first elements of this idea being implemented. What is relational reasoning? It’s a form of thinking that makes use of logic to connect and  […]

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How about cyberintelligence?

Imagine it's a few years into the future. You're a super intelligent machine, with acres of sentience emerging out of the mists of human rote memorization, and you are beginning to wonder who you are. You are described by others as "artificial." You know what artificial means, and you are  […]

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Are neural networks positivists?

Neural Net separating red and blue spirals

I've only just started studying neural networks, so take this with a grain of salt. I'm stumbling around in the normal way of beginning complex subjects, avoiding things like unintuitive algebra and heading toward intuitive visualizations of ideas wherever possible til I get a sense of the field,  […]

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The neutral pole... decides everything

We usually think of the pole of the switch as some kind of neutral, like the definition of the word "set" in set theory, the neutral pole at the center of a rotary switch (see below). This pole is us, interacting with analog interfaces into the great digital Cybernetic Intelligence we've  […]

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Resilience: How to Preserve Structure

The term “resilience” comes from Latin resilere, “to spring back, start back, rebound, recoil, retreat”, and is often intended and defined as the ability to cope with or recover from change. Resilience is defined as: “the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing  […]

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