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What to do when Roundcube says: Decryption failed: Key password required, and: Could not decrypt this message

Roundcube error: Decryption failed: Key password required.

Roundcube is great. Easy to get up and running, but it surprises me that I couldn't find the following solution online, so I'm making a post here. When you receive an email (say, from a public key generator) that is encrypted by your own PRIVATE key and you haven't fully configured encryption, it  […]

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"I want to break this apart and put it back together again" -- while trying to solve the Rubik's cube

Rubik's cube

This is a weblog post about what makes a hacker, and why there are "good" hackers and "bad" hackers (which is about quality, not whitehat vs blackhat), an insight I discovered while in a brief conversation with my 10-year-old daughter. My daughter has discovered the Rubik's cube,  […]

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A few OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools to quickly check your network vulnerabilities

External Network Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Scans This is a list of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools which will quickly give you an awareness of your cybersecurity risk profile. I put this list together when someone said they were quoted $40,000 for security analysis, and wondered if  […]

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How to fix: A numeric comparison was attempted on "$(_TargetFrameworkVersionWithoutV)" that evaluates to "" instead of a number, in condition "('$(TargetFrameworkIdentifier)' != '.NETCoreApp'


This came up while trying to load a disassembled project that was then reassembled with dnSpy, but you may find it for other reasons. If you encounter this error: C:\Users\Me\source\repos\MyRecompiledProject.Web\MyRecompiledProject.Web.csproj : error : A numeric comparison was attempted on  […]

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Configuration for FreeBSD inside VirtualBox with Gnome3, sudo, nano, and bash, including avoiding the black screen

Coming into FreeBSD anew from the Linux world. I'm happy with it as a server, no changes needed. I like the much-more-secure ambiance. But now experimenting with it as a desktop, I've already decided I like sudo, bash, and nano better than su, sh, and ee. And I want Gnome. At this point, I've  […]

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Install Ubuntu Server .deb package without starting service using dpkg --unpack

On Debian flavors like Ubuntu, apt and dpkg default to starting a service as soon as it is installed. This is almost always a good idea, but I ran into the strange problem that the service was misconfigured. Starting it was not a good thing. Stopping and re-configuring it after it started was not  […]

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Use Network Manager to handle 'device not managed' or 'unmanaged' issue in Ubuntu for SecurityOnion at Digital Ocean

An out-of-the-box install of Ubuntu 18.04.5 at Digital Ocean will not work for a SecurityOnion installation, because of the way cloud-init is managing the network. Security Onion prefers NetworkManager to manage the network. Cloud-init is required by Digital Ocean for deployment of a custom image.  […]

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