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A whole new way into heart meditation reveals... light... on Thanksgiving morning

A year of mindful[1] meditation Here it is early the morning of Thanksgiving 2023 and I just discovered a rather deep heartful meditation which took about a year to learn. The essential idea is quite simple and took only a few minutes to comprehend, but it took a year of preparation so that I could  […]

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The origin of synarché and why it is an infinity greater than all infinities

The word infinite is from the Latin roots for "un-limited" or another way to say it: "without-end." Structurally, this word is similar to Greek a-perion, Hebrew ein-sof, Chinese tai-ji, and many others, all referring to the same underlying concept: that which is so great it is  […]

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Mathematical infinity at the beginning instead of at the ends

The following is a "thinking-out-loud" kind of thought experiment which sort of went off the rails... and then got righted again. The simplicity of emptiness We accept the simplicity of emptiness as a reliable foundation upon which to establish all of mathematics without question. The  […]

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First qutrit teleportation! Complex high-dimensional quantum states go from zero to infinity in one nanosecond

I knew there was a link between pure logic and the real world, and I knew it was through a window we call infinity, but I had no idea that physical "teleportation" of quantum states would be where ternary logic touches the physical world. The first qutrit had a single digit beyond normal  […]

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You cannot step outside infinity to perform an operation on or within infinity

Okay, it's a pretty raw tangle of thought experiment, but here we go: You can't. There is no such thing as multiple infinities. Imagine if there were, all such multiple infinities would simply exist within a "larger" infinity that is ultimately singular. That ultimately singular one is the  […]

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On the delightful coherence and simultaneous incoherence of epiphanies

Woke up early this morning and in the world between worlds where some of the best insights come into view, I discovered one of the greater epiphanies of my decades-long study of ternary logic, infinity, zero, and world peace. I was striding through the fields of pure light and clarity -- the miracle  […]

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