A few OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools to quickly check your network vulnerabilities

External Network Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Scans

This is a list of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools which will quickly give you an awareness of your cybersecurity risk profile. I put this list together when someone said they were quoted $40,000 for security analysis, and wondered if they had other options, so I compiled this list.

Basic Attack Surface Discovery

This part is what you can do for free and will give you detailed information about existing vulnerabilities and possible breach vectors.

Run queries at the following websites, to gain a sense of what your network looks like from the outside.

Collect all ip addresses, get into a spreadsheet if there are many, take notes.

Free Vulnerability Scan:

This remarkably broad and deep Vulnerability Scan (it uses dozens of open source projects to collect information in a wide variety of ways)

"Have I Been Pwned" can provide helpful information in some cases:

  • https://haveibeenpwned.com/ (Use "domain search" to see if emails on your domain have been hacked; if found, change passwords on email accounts)

Search Shodan for each domainname/IP:

Deeper Scans (these typically have a cost)

OpenVAS scan

Spiderfoot also provides an excellent list of other tools to look into, there are dozens of such tools available so it can be overwhelming til you find good reviews like this: https://www.spiderfoot.net/top-5-osint-sources-for-threat-intelligence/

Posted in Developing Software on Jun 14, 2022