• On the ternary nature of the will to meaning

    Posted in Phlosphy Stuff, Postinfinity Tergiversation on Jan 20, 2022

    I have been working out the details of the ternary nature of the "will to meaning" which was originally developed within Viktor Frankl's logotherapy, which I believe to be related to Wittgenstein's ideas on language. On a related note, I believe that Schopenhauer's insight into "will to life" which he said is the cause of all our misery and therefore ought to be suppressed, therefore leading to an ascetic lifestyle, is actually about a different will, what Nietsche rightly called "will to power," which should be suppressed, leading to an ascetic lifestyle, but as a way of enabling a truer, fin...

  • Chomsky confirms an element of a developing theory on the ontology of mathematics

    Posted in Mathy Stuff on Jan 10, 2022

    Homeless guy asking for change, or Noam Chomsky at 93?

    As you can see by this third post of the day on the same topic, I'm rather enjoying this interview: Noam Chomsky on Jung, Wittgenstein, and Gödel (Ask Me Anything), and this time I'm not nitpicking his answers, but I find him confirming a hunch I developed as a component of a larger theory on the origins of mathematics.

    I've been studying the origins of math, by reading books on the history of mathematics, as well as books and scientific papers on how the brain embodies mathematics, and also similar research on the origins and limits of la...

  • Another non-answer from Chomsky, this time on the hard problem of consciousness

    Posted in Neural Nets and AI Stuff, Phlosphy Stuff on Jan 09, 2022

    Chomsky might look like hell but is still lucid as ever at age 93

    I'm still digging this interview with Noam Chomsky, Noam Chomsky on Jung, Wittgenstein, and Gödel (Ask Me Anything), but this post is similar to another I made earlier today, wherein he gives a complete non-answer to a question for which I really think his answer would be particularly insightful.

    Even his non-answers are deep, though, and I've another example. Here, rather than address the hard problem of consciousness, he compares it to the "hard rock of philosophy" (regarding motion) in the time of Isaac Newton. Instead of ans...

  • Why is Noam Chomsky stumped by the idea of evolution for memes?

    Posted in Developing Software on Jan 09, 2022

    Even at 93, Chomsky is still firing on all cylinders.

    In this video, Noam Chomsky on Jung, Wittgenstein, and Gödel (Ask Me Anything), Chomsky receives a question where he either completely misses the point of the question, or is simply not informed on Daniel Dennett's idea that memes evolve in a manner which is similar to the way genes evolve (one example from his larger premise that the theory of evolution can be applied everywhere in science). Either way, Chomsky doesn't answer the question. I think it would be wonderful for him to have answered it, because his perspectives on other question...

  • What happens when anti-robot becomes anti-human?

    Posted in Phlosphy Stuff on Jan 09, 2022

    On Friday, I was at work participating in a demo before an audience of a half-dozen decision makers. It's such an important demo that this was the dry-run for the demo, where we're taking notes to prepare for the Big Demo next week. I participate in demos regularly, so I'm familiar with all the problems that can arise... until this one.

    My role was to be a guy who is showing how "normal" users interact with this new secure system, by signing on to the system using their personal email, and yet receiving all the security benefits of the internal email address used by more privileged users.

    So I...

  • Premature Optimization is The Root of All Evil -- and Why This Is

    Posted in Developing Software on Jan 05, 2022

    Yes, I agree that Premature Optimization is the Root of All Evil, at least within the programming paradigm where this concept arises, and likely true in a much broader concept also. If you're a developer, and you think about it (just stumbled on this idea here, your search engine will give you more examples), you'll likely agree it's true.

    But do you know why this excellent insight presents a challenge which is hard to overcome, particularly for software developers?

    It's because the skillset that makes an excellent programmer is the skillset of someone who is excellent at premature optimizati...

  • Good old fashioned thick scroll bars in PopOS and probably also Ubuntu

    Posted in Developing Software on Jan 02, 2022

    It should be easier to change your scrollbar back from the ridiculous default, where it disappears into a tiny vertical slice that only reappears when you hover over the thin vertical slice (!) which is such bad UI design, it's probably intentional. Normal people have clamored for years to get rid of this and go back to the legacy thick scrollbar design. I prefer a nice fat, visible, scrollbar because, while writing in a very long document, which I do often, I can glance at it and instantly know where I am in the document -- but try and do that with a scrollbar so thin you have have to hover o...

  • On time travel, its impossibility and... its inevitability

    Posted in Neural Nets and AI Stuff, Phlosphy Stuff on Dec 23, 2021

    Einstein said time is an illusion; funny, because he also merged time and space together to create timespace for his early theories. Was he confused? Not really, just contemplating concepts that had gotten more clear over time.

    Time is not an illusion "because the past and future are happening right now," as someone recently tried to convince me, but instead, "because the past and the future do not exist." In other words, there is only the moment now, continually changing.

    There is no reference to time in fundamental physics formulas. Time is not a feature of physics. Brain studies prove "the ...

  • How to fix: A numeric comparison was attempted on "$(_TargetFrameworkVersionWithoutV)" that evaluates to "" instead of a number, in condition "('$(TargetFrameworkIdentifier)' != '.NETCoreApp'

    Posted in Developing Software on Dec 01, 2021

    This came up while trying to load a disassembled project that was then reassembled with dnSpy, but you may find it for other reasons.

    If you encounter this error:

    C:\Users\Me\source\repos\MyRecompiledProject.Web\MyRecompiledProject.Web.csproj : error  : A numeric comparison was attempted on "$(_TargetFrameworkVersionWithoutV)" that evaluates to "" instead of a number, in condition "('$(TargetFrameworkIdentifier)' != '.NETCoreApp' OR '$(_TargetFrameworkVersionWithoutV)' < '3.0') AND ('$(TargetFrameworkIdentifier)' != '.NETStandard' OR '$(_TargetFrameworkVersionWithoutV)' < '2.1')".  C:\Program ...

  • Why I personally loathe working with Microsoft Windows

    Posted in Developing Software on Nov 08, 2021

    My computer just crashed itself, according to Microsoft policy, right while I was working on it. I'm up at 1:00 a.m. working on a project with a complex enough work environment that it takes an hour just to get the work environment fully functional. I have over two dozen tabs open in my browser, I'm connected to numerous secure endpoints, all of which require separate two-factor identification, as well as a transient layer of browser tabs which I'm opening and closing regularly while researching topics. I voraciously move all over the Internet when in this mode. I have multiple editors open, m...