• World's smallest FM radio transmitter

    Posted in Everything on Nov 20, 2013

    With a graphene amplifier and a graphene transmitter, wow, how small a walkie-talkie can you make?


  • Google wins book scanning landmark

    Posted in Everything on Nov 15, 2013

    Scanning the books is fair use. Hooray! Information wants to be free, and Google just helped it get more free.

    Google Gets Total Victory Over Authors Guild: Book Scanning Is Fair Use

  • On the idea that ethics in science is a better way to drive profit

    Posted in Everything on Nov 09, 2013

    There is a thoughtful quote at the end of this story which makes a good lead-in to the article:

    ...this relatively desultory reputation is the result of the public’s rejection of the proposition that pharmaceutical and biotech firms care about patients and strive to develop innovative new medicines. It’s not hard to see why. For one thing, the ubiquitous presence of tacky direct to consumer advertisements present the industry as one more concerned with sales than with having a serious discussion about medical science with a patient and their physician. But one reason, as well, surely is the...

  • The Grand Unified Theory On The Economics Of Free

    Posted in Everything on Nov 09, 2013

    Well here we are again, with Clearhat 2.0. Let's start this new release with a bang, right out of the gate:

    The Grand Unified Theory On The Economics Of Free


    Enjoying the importance of zero and infinity in this series from Techdirt. For some context, here is a nice Jefferson quote from the article:

    If nature has made any one thing less susceptible than all others of exclusive property, it is the action of the thinking power called an idea, which an individual may exclusively possess as long as he keeps ...

  • The origins of Brother Jonathan

    Posted in From the Archives on Sep 07, 2011

    During the Revolutionary War, George Washington was sometimes at the mercy of desperation: he was unable to gather men and supplies he needed. At such times he would say "We must consult Brother Jonathan," whereupon he contacted his friend Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut, the only colonial Royal Governor in support of the patriot cause. Trumbull seemed always able to provide the counsel and supplies which Washington needed. To the British, he was a traitor, but to Washington, a friend in need. Out of this arose the saying "We must consult Brother Jonathan" as a general term which Americans un...

  • To love truth more than beauty

    Posted in From the Archives on Aug 09, 2009

    This was originally posted at the date and time in the byline, but on my Facebook account. Later, I ported it along with a few other snippets here to my WordPress journal, as my purposes with social media shifted more inward. WordPress thankfully allows back-dating a post, so here it is. It's still one of my favorite gems, and I mention it from time to time in conversation with friends.

    The two men locked swords, and swung and parried for a few moments. Swiftly, Descartes brought his sword in one last time and delivered a final blow. His opponent's sword flew up into the air. Descartes put the...