• How many fragments of infinity does it take to make one complete infinity?

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    A fragment of infinity happens when we count "one, two, three, four," or any sequential series of numbers, and conclude it by saying "and so forth, unto infinity." Note, this not infinity, it is only a fragment of it, which represents it.

    We symbolize this repeated iteration with an ellipses, three dots which mean "and so forth, infinitely." This is how "1,2,3,4..." is a fragment of infinity to represent infinity.

    We say that it represents an infinite sequence, meaning the full, complete infinity.

    However, an infinity of fragments of infinity are still not enough to make one complete infinity....

  • Accessing OPNSense Web UI running within Proxmox on the WAN interface by disabling reply-to

    Posted in Developing Software on Jun 04, 2021

    After I migrated from pfSense to OPNSense for my firewall embedded within a Proxmox lab, I was stumped for two days looking for this obscure setting. It was a problem right out of the box: After I got the interfaces configured and assigned static IPs for the two network interfaces, I tried and tried to gain access to the Web UI using the WAN interface. It worked great from the LAN interface, but was invisible to WAN.

    You may already know it is not a good practice to access a firewall from its WAN interface. That is true, unless you're using the firewall's WAN interface to connect to your local...

  • Insight into Time and its relationship to Good and Evil

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    In a series of meditations on the nature of infinity while in the process of developing a larger concept of a new kind of mathematical infinity -- a super-infinity which contains all possible infinities in an intuitively-coherent way -- I have been bumping into the relationship between time and infinity every now and then, always as a fragment of a larger thought experiment looking at infinity from some different angle, and not able to really explore the relationship in much depth.

    Used to tangents, I have learned that after an idea reappears like this a number of times in my thoughts, it can ...

  • In the "Sense of an Ending" is a sense of equilibrium

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    Reading D.G. Leahy's writing is to me an experience that feels like reading Isaiah. It is obviously densely packed with meaning, but so inscrutable, it's like reading hieroglyphs must have been before the Rosetta Stone was found -- glimpses of meaning percolate up through the text in iridiscent bubbles and burst evanescently before the mind which is trying to penetrate to the scrutable layer. And then they fade away.

    But I really want to understand! I even said out loud, a few minutes ago while attempting to crack the walnut of D. G. Leahy's writing: "I really want to understand this!" and yet...

  • Perambulating the moon should be a playful thing

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    Getting to the moon will happen in stages. The new contract just awarded to SpaceX is for the most critical stage, which has 3 steps: 1. Dropping out of moon orbit to land on the moon, 2. exploring the moon for a week, 3. departing from the moon.

    The contract is for one test flight with no one aboard, and one more with astronauts. The rocket is huge (see illustration). SpaceX says they can do this by the 2024 deadline for $3 billion, which seems surprisingly small considering the two billionaires bidding against each other for this contract are each worth well over fifty times that amount, ma...

  • The origin of synarch√© and why it is an infinity greater than all infinities

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    The word infinity is from the Latin roots for "un-limited" or "without-end." Structurally, this word is similar to Greek aperion, Hebrew ein sof, Chinese tai-ji, and many others, all referring to the same underlying concept: that which is so great it is beyond ability to measure; without-end, endless. ("Endless" is of course another example of the same structure.)

    It's one of those little things most people don't notice or care about, but I believe there is actually a really deep question going right to the heart of the way we perceive what we call reality on a fundamental level:

    Why is a conc...

  • The Point of Grace

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    I subscribe to a number of techy innovation-rich groups via social media, and every now and then a real gem of the genre comes scrolling past on my newsfeed. A few days ago, social media linked me to a curious article recently posted on Vice Motherboard. I have no interest in astral travel, but the odd twist about the CIA in the headline intrigued me (see illustration). A quick glance at the article revealed something quite unusual had been discovered, so I dived into the matter out of curiousity. It turns out, very little is about astral travel, and much more is about some topics I follow clo...

  • On the rather curious "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process" and its long-lost page 25

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    Consider the following sentence without any context, except that it was written in 1983: "Then I found it necessary to delve into various sources for information concerning quantum mechanics in order to be able to describe the nature and functioning of human consciousness." Think about it for a moment. Quantum mechanics and human consciousness?

    Now for some context: The person writing this sentence was working within a high level security clearance and had access to some very unusual research at the cutting edge of scientific inquiry -- information which would be hidden from the public review ...

  • Mathematical infinity at the beginning instead of at the ends

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    The simplicity of emptiness

    We accept the simplicity of emptiness as a reliable foundation upon which to establish all of mathematics without question. The logic is plain: clearly, there can be nothing more simple than the empty set. We start there, and, knowing that we have begun with the most logically solid foundation possible, develop the rest of set theory. For a similar reason, Peano's axioms, widely understood to be fundamental, start with zero as the first number, and follow this same pattern; from simplicity to complexity.

    Note that we entail a few little-considered intuitions about m...

  • Imagining the Riemann Sphere rotated for new insights

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    This article is related, and a little similar, to another recent article. I was reading through both a Wikipedia entry and a Better Explained discussion on a subject I know fairly well (Imaginary Numbers), and when I looked at a certain illustration, suddenly I could see more in it than I ever had before.

    Look closely at these two images, you may be able to spot the key difference also:

    first image from Better Explained, 2nd image is from Wikipedia

    In the first illustration of the complex plane, relying on the XY axis, i appears at the top. In the second illustration of the Riemann Sphe...