Hilarious notes on a programming task that got absurdly complicated

In the end, it looks like I should have searched through the code for all SQL commands like "SELECT" and "UPDATE" and "INSERT" and determined which tables I needed. Might have saved a few days. But you know how you get tunnel vision when you're down the rabbit hole. So, instead of something simple yet tedious, here is what happened:

  • in order to run app, need to connect to certain tables in database
  • only need a couple but not sure which, to be sure need to trace through a bunch of code so... quicker to download all tables
  • except... there are a dozen tables some of them gigabytes one of them 44 gigabytes
  • have to download 7zip to server to compress
  • compress, the largest one takes over an hour to compress
  • copy from server to jump server
  • copy from jump server to dev machine
  • meanwhile searching and installing sql server express
  • downloaded all but largest one, which is 7g and requires 12 hours to download
  • cannot connect to db
  • open tcp connection
  • still fails
  • running out of space on jump server, split file, etc
  • attempt script to import all quickly, fails
  • import data takes hours, fails
  • it turns out to be corrupted
  • download it again, another 12 hours
  • download another archiver which has ability to repair this type of corruption
  • repair takes hours
  • corruption not fixed
  • re-compress using 7z instead of zip so file is 3g instead of 7g
  • download to jump, download to dev
  • import, fails because exceeds limit of sql server express
  • download install sql server dev edition
  • installer fails because service pack 2 not in place
  • download install sp2
  • installer fails because wmi running
  • disable wmi
  • installs okay
  • imports okay
  • total time so far? 3 days.
  • still cannot connect. might be because upgrade from sqlexpress to sqlserver was corrupted. ([Later Edit]: YES that was why!)
  • attempt to rename instance. cannot be done.
  • backup databases (44g takes long time again)
  • uninstall sqlserver, reinstall

At this point I stopped taking notes, I think it took a couple more days. I eventually got it, though. the upgrade from sqlexpress to sqlserver had to be wiped completely.

Posted in Developing Software, Everything on May 17, 2018